Each of our two RC Tracks are now equipped with their own watering station. There was very little cost in adding the second watering station since we used a spare pump and spare water tank. The main outlay was the purchase of PVC pipe and some fittings. A trench will be dug on June 25th after which we will install a three-quarter inch water line to the Short Course Track Water Tank to replace the damaged water supply hose.

Plans are still in place for a short course track reconfiguration. The track committee voted to put the project on hold until after the monsoon season and the weather cools.  

Repairs continue to be made on the runway, as soon as we find a patch that works we will apply paint to the various colored patches to give the runway a better appearance.

Finally, some of the carpet on the Helicopter Field has been replaced and there is more carpet on site waiting installation. 


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