Desert Hawks RC Club – Some Safety Rules.

The AMA Safety Code and Club Safety Rules are posted on the club Bulletin Board at the Sterling Field RC Complex.  Additionally, they are posted on the club website. Safety rules are for your protection so please take the time to read them. 


For Flyers, there are a few safety rules that we strictly enforce:

  •   Plugging in batteries in the pits is forbidden.
  •   Intentional flying over the pilot stations and pit area is forbidden.


The Flyers also practice some common sense “soft rules”. They are not posted or in writing, but this does not make them any less important and members need to be aware of them.

  •  Pilot Stations are there for your protection you should use them.
  •  When we have 3 and 4 planes in the air it is advisable to have a spotter.


Finally, we have some “soft rules” that apply to all members, not just flyers.

Dogs must be on a leash and not where someone could trip over the leash.

Security of the complex involves making sure the gate is locked after the last club member leaves. If you are not sure if someone is a club member, please ask them!

All club members should wear their badge when operating any RC model.


Jerry Morris, Safety Officer

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