Safety is the highest priority for all RC Model Operators at Sterling Field RC Complex. Many clubs in the world test membership applicants to make sure they can safely operate their models. While the Desert Hawks RC Club does not test our applicants, we are acutely aware of our surroundings and make sure safety practices are observed and followed.

Jerry Morris is our Club Safety Officer. It is his job to point out practices which could result in damage, danger or injury. It is also his responsibility to notify the flight Instructor when he feels someone needs skills improvement.

Larry Salsberry is our Flight Instructor and is also a seasonal visitor. Larry is usually at the field or available by appointment from October through April. Not only is Larry an excellent instructor, but he is also a very knowledgeable pilot. He can watch a plane in flight and tell if it is set up properly. Many of the pilots in the club ask Larry to make their maiden flights.

If you are a new pilot or one that is no longer sure of your skills, you can always ask a member of the club to assist – but when it comes to instruction, formal or informal, Larry Salsberry is your guy.

Larry also writes an article each month, that appears in the “Club News” section of our website. 

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