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Membership in the Desert Hawks RC Club

Annual dues run from January 1 to December 31. Dues are not prorated. A reinstatement fee ($20.00) is required for those renewing after January 31st, 2019.
Dues (New Members) paid after the first day in October will include the next full calendar year.
There are 2 types of Members, Adult Members, and Junior Members (under 19).
Adult Members dues are $60.00 per year and Junior Members dues are Free.
We offer Special Introductory Dues to first time members of $30.00.
For Families, there is a special dues offer of $80.00 per year. For First Time Family Members $40.00. Family Membership is only offered to Members living in the same household, without regard to age.
NOTE: In all cases Membership to the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is Mandatory.

If you would like to join the Desert Hawks and are already an AMA or MAAC member, we offer 2 easy options: Join by Mail, download a Membership Application Form or Join On-Line.
If you are not an AMA or MAAC member, click here to join before completing your Desert Hawks Application. Junior (Youth) membership in AMA is FREE


Adult By Mail

Junior By Mail

Download a .pdf membership
form and mail it in along with
your payment


Adult Online

Junior Online

Fill out our online membership
form and pay via Paypal
or credit card.