This was sent in by Jim Prowse. Great reporting Jim, we appreciate it.

Well , with some “trepidation” I headed out  for Toledo last Friday, about a 7 hr round trip from here,   disappointing again, probably the last time for me. I’ve been to the Toledo Expo maybe 20 times or more over 30 some years, it’s been in decline, in my opinion, since it moved to the glitzy hotel, from the old Sports Arena ,,,,no doubt costs have skyrocketed, as has the per-foot space rental ,,,, I realize the Internet has changed the way business is done, and information gathered, but I still “hoped” for a renewal by the Weak Signals, sorry, did not happen , fewer vendors seen upstairs, fewer  shoppers see, really no “bargains”, downstairs, some 20%  + of floor space given up to flying demos , and bleachers, very little going on, and “nobody” on mic, at 12 noon, didn’t drw flies, “young people”??? yep, saw a few, checking their phones, NO print media except AMA, no MAN, Electric Fly, none, little in way of info,  flyer, hand-outs.

Display models pretty thin, lots of open spaces, a “few” of the usual dealers there, many more were not, no deals, few “new releases”, number of China sellers, 1 or 2 with “toys”, not model aircraft, just not worth the cost to attend and I didn’t see value for the $15.00 admission, sorry, probably won’t do that again. 

Jim P ..