Thank you to all members working the 34th Annual London Bridge Seaplane Classic. I am writing this only 1 hour after the event closed.

We could not do this event without the support of the workers, and it is a lot of work. I won’t name all the workers because we know who we are.  Most of us were on site for over 30 hours. The actual event is 9 hours on Friday, 9 on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday. This doesn’t count set up and tear down. The boat crews are on the water for all of that plus loading and unloading at the ramp each day. Our Beach Master is on the beach directing traffic, being a spotter,  and when necessary advising pilots about the rules. The airplane shuttle guys are running before the flying starts and after we shut down.

This event takes the Float Fly Chairman 6 months of planning, getting raffle prizes, shirts, hats, flyers, decals, working the media, the AMA and meetings with State Park. The gals plan the registration process, they assemble the pilot packets, sell raffle tickets, shirts, hats and are there to greet all the pilots. They work long hours and they deserve our thanks. Our webmaster sets up the registration pages on the website, coordinates with PayPal for payments, posts our events and handles the news releases and emails to district clubs.

This year 50 pilots signed in on our AMA form and flew at the event. The weather was perfect and all the comments I heard were positive. Many of us were thanked numerous times for putting on such a great event. There were a few rough spots getting started that were handled quickly. There will always be those few incidents that could have been worse but weren’t.

Overall this was a great event, with great weather and some outstanding work from a very dedicated bunch of club members. We may have made some money in the process so watch for the December financial report.  I am proud to be a part of this organization and very happy to call many of you my friends.


Thanks again for being part of a 34-year-old Desert Hawks RC Club tradition.


Ed Heil


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