Recent Incident at Our Flying Field

Recently we had a club member get hurt arming his electric plane. He had two cut fingers that required stitches. The incident caused the BOD to take a serious look at our ability to handle incidents on Sterling Field.

Consequently, several changes/additions have been made

  • A new cabinet has been placed in the Ladies Restroom.
  • A new First Aid Kit has been placed in the cabinet.
  • If you remove anything from the First Aid Kit, please notify a club official so it can be replaced.
  • Also in the cabinet is a pen and an Incident Reporting Form. If you observe anything happening on the facility that is of a safety or security concern, please fill out the form and give it to a club official.

Anyone not wearing a club badge should be greeted and made aware of safety issues on our facility.

Safety and Security is everyone’s responsibility.

Club Safety Officer

Jerry Morris

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