2018 Club Officer Nominees

2018 Club Officer Nominees

President: Ed Heil

Vice President: Vic Goodman (to be nominated during the Dec. membership meeting) updated 12/6/17

Secretary: John Orrell

Treasurer: Daryl Schendel


Above is the results from the nominations that were heard during the November general membership club meeting.

There were no eligible members at the meeting that would except the nomination for Vice President. Tim stated that according to AMA rules a Vice President is a mandatory position that must be filled. He also stated that there is a pending By-Law change that would allow a new member to hold a non-contested BoD position.

Jon Johnson one of our newest members excepted the nomination for the position of Vice President pending approval of the proposed By-Law change.

The proposed By-Law changes are ready for board approval and will be voted on during the December Board meeting and if approved they will be put before the membership during the December general membership club meeting for approval.